The 2021 Isle of the Arts workshops will be highly engaging, with multiple participants who will be able to chat with the instructor and other attendees as well as share their work to have a fully interactive workshop.

ZOOM All workshops will be delivered via Zoom. If you have never used Zoom before, don’t stress! Join us for a free pre-festival workshop on how to use this platform.

How to ZOOM! MARCH 30 – 2:00PM   Register HERE

Note: Zoom is easiest to use from a computer, but you can also use it from a smartphone or tablet.

Tech Assistance for All!
Our Festival coordinator will provide one-on-one help for
participants that require technical assistance. Please
visit the website for more information about how to
reach out to Victoria.
Workshop Supplies
Some workshops will require participants to have
supplies and materials for a successful workshop.
These supplies are listed in detail on the website under
each workshop description. If a participant does not
have the required supplies, please contact our festival
coordinator at and we will provide
assistance in obtaining supplies needed.
Workshop Kits
Some workshops will provide the participant with an art
supplies kit, these kits will be packaged and delivered
to participants in the week prior to the scheduled