The Chanting Circle
Sunday, Apr 14 | 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Gabriola Arts & Heritage Centre

Leah Hokanson

Explore chanting and sounding in a circle of community as a way to connect with presence, source, the divine, and each other.

Sounding and chanting are meditative, have a range health benefits and can help you feel more enlivened and grounded.

Leah Hokanson directs choirs and facilitates the Gabriola Sounding Circle; she explores the voice’s healing potential through sounding, chanting, and singing.

14+ | $25 | 30 max.

Participants take home: Feeling more enlivened and grounded. A deepened sense of the healing and transformational power of their own voices.

Participants need to bring: Comfy clothes and water.