Stitching Narrative Threads
Monday, Apr 8 | 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
The Commons (Upstairs)

Heather Menzies

Heather will share taking on how her family history intersects with larger narratives. Participants will use exercises Heather provides to write family artifacts into personal story and imagined experience. They will be introduced to various resources and research tools to use as they continue researching and writing. Heather is open to following up with participants who want to pursue some long-form writing (e.g. an article, a memoir), with some writer-coaching; to be arranged separately.

Heather Menzies has published ten books, which have won numerous awards.

13+ | $40 | 15 max.

Participants take home: a list of writing exercises & tips; a list of research tools and resources, with web addresses included; participants’ writing

Participants need to bring: a family artifact or photo that speaks to them; perhaps some geneological research/ family history material