Sew What Now?
Sunday, Apr 14 | 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Gabriola Arts & Heritage Centre

SharmaRay Goldman

Ready! Set! Sew!

Are you bored with mainstream designs? Would you like to personalize your own t-shirt? Would you like to make something that expresses the Unique YOU? Repurpose it. Cut it. Sew it. Stencil it. Bedazzle it. Stretch it. OWN IT!

SharmaRay Goldman has a natural gift and talent with fabric. Her love of clothing has been met with altering something plain and ordinary to something embellished and unique!

14+ | $30 | 20 max.

Participants take home: new skillz, a Rad-tastic t-shirt and feeling inspired to do more!

Participants need to bring: t-shirt