“Sew what now”?
Monday, Apr 5 | 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm

*YOU WILL SAVE your clothing from being throwing into the landfill.
*YOU WILL LEARN to LOVE YOURSELF and the new article of clothing that YOU are going to Transform!!
*YOU WILL HAVE some fun and be creative!
This workshop will give you an opportunity to up-cycle something in your wardrobe that is ready to be transformed AND you will keep it!
I will show you how to take a take a plain tank top and turn it into something amazing!

SharmaRay is a Creativity Queen! She has been passionate about up-cycling clothing for over 25 years. She started doing this because she found most clothing boring AND she upcycling her clothing meant it kept the clothing out of the landfill! She believes that we all have a UNIQUE expression and what better way to express yourself than with what you put on your body!
She has learned the importance of loving what to put on your body as a way to LOVE yourself. “Sew what Now”? is a question that came to her when she deepened her Sewing Passion.

10+ | $40

Participants should have these supplies on hand:  plain t-shirt or tank top, scissors, thread, needle, pen, cotton fabric (plain or patterned).