Self Compassion Through Creative Arts - not available
Sunday, Apr 14 | 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
The Commons (Upstairs)

This workshop is cancelled.

Myriam Verzat & Warren Hooley

Creative arts are a wonderful way to access our internal worlds.

In a safe and welcoming environment, come and explore different creative arts (moving, singing and drawing) to understand yourself better.

Through compassionate communication (better known as Nonviolent Communication), transform any of your resistances with creative expression into a healthier and richer relationship.

Myriam Verzat is a compassionate communication trainer, an improviser and an educator. Warren Hooley is a master communication and creative expression facilitator.

18+ | $65 | 20 max.

Participants take home: a greater sense of how creative arts can play a meaningful role in their lives.

Participants need to bring: Water bottle, journal, layers of clothes, lunch