Kind Cuisine: Learn to Prepare a Delicious Plant-Based Meal
Sunday, Apr 14 | 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Commons Kitchen

The Vegeteers

*Please note:  Unfortunately Liz Burdock will not be able to lead this workshop.  However, as in previous IotA festivals, Vegeteers and experienced vegan foodies Sigrid Bjarnason and Kathi Chorneyko will be the workshop leaders.

Get your hands dirty and learn how to whip up a tasty, healthy, animal-friendly, and plant-based feast for friends and family.

Kim Bjarnason will answer questions about food and vibrant health. A couple of Vegeteers will also be on hand to help out.

The Vegeteers promote he well-being and welfare of animals locally and elsewhere, primarily through advocating vegetarianism and veganism. The meet regularly on Gabriola.

12+ | $70 | 12 max.

Participants take home: Knowledge, practical experience, and resources to explore and create plant-based food, as well as samples from this session’s festive meal.

Participants need to bring: Good chopping knife and cutting board, containers to take home leftovers.