Ink Making:  Drawing from nature - creating colour
Thursday, Apr 1 | 1:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Learn about the fun and addictive world of ink making! Make inks using ingredients you already have in your yard and kitchen. You’ll assemble a journal to keep track of your adventures, make a quill from a feather, and craft paint brushes from nature’s materials. I’ll demonstrate a few key techniques, and provide you with lots of ideas to pursue on your own. Brendalee will supply a few ink making materials to get you started.  Prior to the workshop, participants will be sent a list of materials they can start to gather.

A flower will never be just a flower again!


Are you the kind of person who, upon eyeing a flower or a leaf or a lustrous mineral, wonders what colour of ink it might yield? No? Fortunately Brendalee Astells is, and she’d love to share with you her discoveries in making inks from natural materials. You’ll be surprised and delighted, and eager to start with your own.

12+ | $50 | INCLUDES KIT

Participants should have these items on hand to have a successful workshop:  vinegar, baking soda, distilled water, pots (not used for food prep), access to stove or heating element & an apron.
Brendalee will send out an email to participants with suggestions of ink materials they could gather for the workshop.