Healing your emotions with intuitive collage making
Sunday, Apr 4 | 11:00 am - 2:00 pm

Intuitive collage making is a very simple yet very powerful process: It bypasses our rational mind and taps into our internal emotional landscape. It is like having a lucid dream while you are awake…. We receive guidance from our spiritual guides, discover the unknown inner parts, give images and voices to emotions which can hardly be expressed by words.
The session will include grounding meditation, body sensation exercises, collage making, and active “dialogue” through journal writing or body expression to embody the emotions.


Inanna Jiang is a certified “Soul Collage” Facilitator, Creativity Coach and intuitive artist on Gabriola Island. She is dedicated to the healing power of the spontaneous art creation process. She has had solo and group intuitive arts exhibitions internationally, on deep topics like, grief, archetypal myths, and soul journeying. With her Master degree and professional work in social work and years of trainings with various spiritual teachers, she encourages free personal expression, integrating shadows, and embracing the “wholeness” of the Soul.

14+ | $40

Participants should have these items on hand to have a successful workshop:  Scissors, National Geography magazines or other magazines rich in images, Glue, Pens, Art Journal paper, Art pastels or drawing pens