Grow – The kitchen garden
Tuesday, Apr 6 | 10:00 am - 12:30 pm

Learn how to grow a garden that will feed you and your family, just what you need. We’ll go over prepping soil, starting seeds indoors, preparing a crop plan, with successive crops and successful winter gardening. We’ll talk about common trouble spots, and how to bring about the simplicity of gardening. Throw in a little seaweed and you’re good to go!


Miranda Chiasson grew up in the woods of the Fraser Valley and loved digging up ferns, planting sticks and cuddling cats.  She has grown into an adult who still lives for plants and cats. Miranda has run a 2.5 acre organic farm for 5 years.  Gardening seems to be something that she can’t live without.

10+ | $40 (includes seed package)