Epiphany Bracelet
Friday, Apr 3 | 9:30 am - 4:00 pm
1969 Clamshell Drive

Make a beautiful sterling silver chain bracelet in this basic metalsmithing class. You’ll learn a variety of making techniques like soldering, texturing, and stamping. Surprise and delight yourself with a beautiful self-made piece of wearable art.

Brendalee Astells creates jewellery inspired by her natural surroundings. Her first love is metalwork and her second love is sharing the joy of creativity through teaching jewellery making.


18+ | $120 | $30 materials included

Students should bring: An apron, ear plugs/ protection, face mask, optivisor or magnifying glass if desired, a torch & butane – please contact Brendalee for information on these items. A bagged lunch and water.