Discover Drypoint Printmaking
Thursday, Apr 2 | 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
380 Lyngail Place

Explore printmaking using drypoint, a technique of engraving in which a sharp-pointed needle is used to produce furrows with a burr that retain ink to produce a print characterized by soft and velvety lines. Come try the press and leave with a small print edition of 3 copies on archival paper.

Nadine Bariteau established her printshop Studio Coyote on Gabriola since the new year 2020. She’s been practicing and teaching a variety of printmaking techniques for 25 years.

Any age – under 14 with an adult | $70 | includes $10 materials

Students should bring: A 6” x 6” image for inspiration. An apron or old shirt that can get dirty.