Creating Your Dreams: Session 2 - not available
Tuesday, Apr 9 | 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm
The Commons (Upstairs)

This workshop has been CANCELLED due to family circumstances.

Liliana Kleiner

2 Sessions | Session 1: Monday, April 8

In this workshop Liliana guides you in both Jungian dream and creative work around your dreams.Participants must bring a series of night dreams to work with in a creative individual way.

Liliana Kleiner, PhD, is an international artist born in Argentina raised in Israel, specializing in Jungian dream work. Her media include books, films, paintings, woodcuts and organic handmade papers.

18+ | $140 for 2 Sessions | 12 max.

Participants take home: principles of Jungian Dream work Interpretation and their creative ‘products’ in working with their dreams – Drawings/Songs/Movements…

Participants need to bring: a Dream Journal