Create Your Own Rawhide Rattle
Saturday, Apr 11 | 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Session 1 of 2
Session 2 of 2 on April 12th

The rattle is an ancient musical instrument that can be used for healing and is lots of fun to play.  During time creating, we’ll learn some of the history and uses for your own personal rattle. On the first day, we’ll sew and shape the rattle then, let it dry. On the second day, we will complete the rattle by filling with pebbles, etc., to create your rattle’s own personal sound, then we will add the handle and decorate. Please note this workshop consists of 2 sessions on 2 different days.

carol ‘weaver’ is a visual artist, musician, and drummer who is thrilled to be living on beautiful Gabriola for the last 4 years.

14+ | $115 | $25 materials included

Students should bring: Sharp scissors, a hammer and a stick for the handle (optional).