Building a Mushroom Collecting Knife - not available
Monday, Apr 8 | 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Tony Grove Woodworking Studio

This workshop has been cancelled.

Tony Grove

Often when hunting mushrooms, a knife is needed for harvesting so as not to disturb the mycelium under the ground. This simple knife is designed to make the task easier by its unique cutting blade shape.  In this class we will make a mushroom harvesting knife from a reclaimed knife found in your kitchen.
Students can bring an old unused carving knife from home, GIRO, or second hand store. If they don’t have then some may be provided. All tools will be provided.

Tony Grove is a shipwright/woodworker by trade and has been doing so for almost 40 years and has also been an artist for most of his life.

13+ (under 18 speak to instructor first) | $90 | 8 max.

Participants take home: mushroom collecting knife

Participants need to bring: old knife (if possible), bagged lunch/snacks if needed/water to drink