Block Printing
Friday, Apr 12 | 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Gabriola Arts & Heritage Centre

Margie Davidson

Blockprinting is a fun and easy way to apply repeat elements to fabric.

In this workshop, participants will explore blockprinting with Setacolor paint on 100% cotton fabric. Each participant will design, cut and print blocks with soft-cut linoleum.

In the morning, participants carve a small block and explore a variety of patterns and grids. This exploration informs the design, carving and printing of a larger block in the afternoon.

Margie Davidson is a quilt artist, teacher and surface designer. Her award winning textiles have been exhibited internationally.

16+ | $110 | 12 max.

Participants take home: blockprinted fabric, carved lino blocks, experience and practice designing, carving and printing with lino block, roller, cutter, paint, handouts.

Participants need to bring: Wear old clothes/apron. 2 pencils, pen and paper for notes. Sponge and old towel for cleanup.