Art of the Fold
Friday, Apr 12 | 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
The Commons (Upstairs)

Lottie Stone Anderson

We’re going to make a BLIZZARD BOOK!

Using paper, we will fold, crease, and tuck edges and corners to create hand held vessels which we can shared display, small works of art, artist’s cards, poems, letters and other two dimensional gems.

Time permitting we will make two but we will also dig deep into my stash of supplies to create small treasures to store in our blizzard books.

Lottie Stone Anderson is a painter, printmaker and paper artist who loves to experiment with media.

16+ | $50 | 12 max.

Participants take home: One, possibly two blizzard books as well as a collection of small artworks to display in the books.

Participants need to bring: cutting mat, craft knife, straight edge, ruler, bone folder or spoon.