Active Daydreaming: Shamanic Drum Journeying
Thursday, Apr 4 | 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Phoenix Auditorium

carol weaver

The practice of the “Shamanic Journey” is over 40,000 years old and one of the first organized forms of healing.  It is a spiritual practice that helps to shift one’s consciousness to access inner knowing, creativity and wisdom.

The healing sound of a drum or rattle played at 120+ beats per minute can help activate the body/mind relaxation and healing process.  During our day together, we’ll explore the many ways we can journey to our inner knowing.

weaver is an artist/musician living on Gabriola and has been facilitating healing workshops for 28+ years. Her passion is to create safe, sacred space along with having fun together.

16+ | $65 | 25 max.

Participants take home: processes to add to their spiritual practice for everyday living – which can help spark creativity and peace.

Participants need to bring: bagged lunch/snacks if needed/water to drink… won’t be time to go out