2018 Workshop Proposals

The 2018 Isle of the Arts Festival takes place April 5 – 15, 2018.

Want to lead a workshop in the next festival? Submit your idea here. 

Deadline for submissions for 2018 IOA Festival: December 6, 2017

The theme for 2018 is LIGHTNESS.

Working with light materials and with light… walking and moving lightly… taking a light approach to a challenging subject… celebrating the returning light.

Each year, the Isle of the Arts Festival offers dozens of hands-on workshops, all aiming to help participants explore new creative media and approaches. We aim to keep the workshops affordable, accessible, and diverse.

We support instructors by:

  • promoting workshops through our brochure and website, and through other means
  • finding and renting venues
  • paying instructors an hourly rate
  • setting fees and taking registrations

Submit your idea by sending an email to mitch@artsgabriola.ca, using the proposal format below.

Please note, all workshop proposals may not be accepted. Final decisions will be made by early January.

Questions? Contact mitch@artsgabriola.ca.


Deadline for proposals: December 6, 2018



1. Name of Instructor(s):

2. Email:

3. Phone Number:

4. Residence (eg. Gabriola, Nanaimo):

5. Proposed Title for Workshop:

6. Workshop Description (max 75 words):

7. Instructor Bio:

8. Have you taught or presented before? If so, please give brief details (2-3 sentences). Please also let us know if you’ve taught on Gabriola before, and when:

9. Length of Workshop:

10. Age Restriction (if any):

11. Min/ Max number of Participants:

12. Materials needed and costs (The costs of materials is factored into the overall fee for participants. Please try to be as accurate as possible.)*:

13. What else should participants bring? (eg. lunch, scissors):

14. Venue Requests (We do our best to find venues that suit each workshop. Do you have any specific requirements or requests for venue? (eg. power, light, etc.) If you’d like to host this in your own space, please also let us know.):